More Geocaching

I’ve been using my bike to get to and from geocaches over the last few weeks. It’s been a blast! On road, off road, gravel roads and hike-a-bike excursions have all added a new dimension to riding for me.

I’ve added a Garmin handlebar mount for my GPSr so I can use it for navigation while on the bike. It’s a “so-so” item as it attaches with zip ties. I’d much prefer something that uses a different mount like the Planet Bike battery lights, but there wasn’t much choice. For $10 it will do the job.

I found that the bicycle was the perfect vehicle for a “power trail” that was set up in my area. The caches are placed at regular intervals at something like the minimum distance of 161 m. This particular trail is located along a country road, so cycling is way better than having to pull the car over. I did one segment (just one concession) of the trail, and I’m not sure this kind of thing is for me as the hides are all pretty similar. Still, it was a fun morning out on the bike!


Geocache & GPSr

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