Oh my gawd, it’s a blog post!

Wow, this place feels empty. The more I ride bikes, the more it just becomes a way to get around and have fun and seemingly the less I have to say.

What I’m doing

  • Bike commuting! I have a great route to and from the office and I don’t have much to say. I’m mostly using local low speed streets and MUPs where I can. I even won a ‘cycling superstar’ thingy from my local Smart Commute group for bike month.
  • Road biking. Just a little bit. I haven’t had as much time or interest to fight traffic on the weekend. I had an epic ride with a buddy of mine while visiting his cabin in Combermere. Big hills, big fun and cold beer. My 650B Rawland was made for that kind of riding!
  • Mountain biking. As one my kids had soccer practice twice a week near the local trailhead, I got quite a few hour to hour and half rides in. I feel like I finally know the local trails a bit better. Good fun, even if TRCA has shut down about half of the area in Jefferson forest. I checked out Centennial Park trails in King and they are still fun, and rode the Dagmar North trails, which were awesome. I’ve been riding my Krampus aka green monster, but have “graduated” to a full squish MTB which has been a revelation.
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