I’m a bike commuter again, and wheel bender racks suck

Wow, two posts in one week! I’m pleased to say I’m a bike commuter again. I’ve been hesitant to ride as the route to the new office is problematic. The Good: as part of the Viva transit project, bike lanes have been added along Highway 7 from Chalmers Road to East Beaver Creek. The Bad: the bike lane ends at the construction zone eastward from East Beaver Creek. The road is a mess and I hope it gets fixed up soon. Riding it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. I just took the lane.

Curve It Rack

Curve it Rack. Newer, but it still sucks!

The only bike racks available at my workplace are the dreaded “wheel benders.” And these aren’t even the GOOD wheel benders! Remember those awful bike racks at public school that are oval loops of metal about 9″ high?   Yep, those ones. Actually my kids’ public school still has these pieces of trash. It makes for much difficulty for a secure lock-up as it’s almost impossible to lock through the rear triangle. I hope my u-lock and cable lock are up to the task. Then again this isn’t downtown Toronto.  The picture to the left is a contemporary one.  They still suck.

A few months ago Smart Commute was doing a survey in the building, and I let them know that these racks were terrible and that was a barrier for active transportation.

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