It’s rolling!

Rawland rSogn first incarnation.  This is my initial build of the the frame. I still need to fine tune the saddle & cockpit, wrap the bars, get & install some fenders and figure out what to use for a handlebar bag.

It was -16 C today, but I couldn’t resist a 10 min ride around the ‘hood.  The wide 42mm Hetres seemed to soak up the bumps nicely.

Rawland rSogn 1st incarnation

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2 Responses to It’s rolling!

  1. Ben says:

    Is it for touring? Are you going to install racks on the back too? It looks heavy duty.

  2. Andrew says:

    The frame is an “all rounder” that is going to be set up “rando” style for unsupported long distance rides, and the occasional overnight. The lowrider rack frames can be removed if all one needs is a handlebar. The bike is low trail geometry, so it handles best with a front load. I may add a small rear rack, but for the time being it will be front only.

    It’s bit of an experiment for me to try out a bunch of new stuff (for me) including wheel size (650B), fat & plush tires (42mm), low-trail geometry and “brifters.”

    See for some more info. One of the cool things about the bike is that it has massive tire clearance. It has room for big 2.3″ knobbies to use the frame for off-road or monstercross adventures.

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