Quick thoughts on Venezuela

I’m back from another work assignment in Venezuela.  Our work sites were situated such that we had much more road travel to do than the last trip. Some quick observations:

  • Roads are generally in very bad shape, and drivers tend ‘float’ between lanes on the high speed highways trying to avoid potholes, debris and dog carcasses;
  • Traffic laws are mere suggestions and generally ignored
  • The highways are dangerous, and people don’t seem to wear seat belts.  I saw the aftermath of two very nasty fatal accidents in the week I was there.
  • I saw more bicycles this time, but not many.  These are mostly folks getting to work or getting shopping done.  I saw two sport cyclists riding on the highway.   With the oppressive heat & humidity, heinous roads, cheap gas and correspondingly cheap prices for shared taxis (Carritos por puesto) I’m not surprised bikes are rare.
  • These folks have the re-use part of the three ‘Rs’ down pat.  The shared taxis are 30 or 40 years old and while falling apart, still run.
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  1. Dave says:

    The good news is, if you ever locked your keys in the car it would be easier to kick a hole in the rusted door than the window.

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