A Taste of Cycling Vancouver

I’m in Vancouver for work and staying with family for the weekend.  Yesterday I was treated to a tour of some of the bike paths in the city by my Brother-in-law.  Leaving from the Broadway and Main area, we used the extensive bike path network to connect to Stanley Park where we did the seawall loop and bombed around on some of the gravel paths.  The highlight was stopping at Prospect Point for a pint & snack. 

I was riding in street clothes on a borrowed bike several sizes to small making it hard to get a full pedal stroke.  The underinflated knobbies buzzed angrily on the pavement, sucking away speed.  The front derailler was stuck in the middle ring and couldn’t be trimmed,  and the rear derailler clattered as it was out of adjustment.   The front shocks bounced in a most disconcerting way every time I applied the front brake.  In short the ride was a blast and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

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  1. Dave says:

    With the height difference between you guys I’m surprised your knees weren’t up by your ears 🙂

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